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Texas Wushu is the premier Kung Fu Martial Arts organization at the University of Texas at Austin. Featured as the 2021 RecSports Team of the Year, Texas Wushu carries on the traditions of Chinese Martial Arts with a modern twist. 


History: Wushu’s Thousand-Year-Old Tradition


Founded in 1999, Texas Wushu is a recreational sports team at the University of Texas at Austin, dedicated to teaching, performing, and promoting wushu.


Wushu is a contemporary version of traditional Chinese martial arts, commonly called kung fu. It is practiced by millions across the globe and in cinema, wushu has been popularized by many such as Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, and other actors.


At Texas Wushu, our passion stems not only from an interest in Chinese martial arts, but we also hope to promote healthiness, athleticism, and to teach a combat-adjacent sport that carries an ancient culture behind it. Wushu is not just a performance art, but a crystallization of Chinese martial tradition and contemporary movements that seek to benefit the practitioner through physical training and increased agility.


What do we do?


Each semester, Texas Wushu is invited to demonstrate our skills at numerous events across campus such as Chinese New Year celebrations and talent shows. Texas Wushu also competes in regional and national competitions, holds social events, and takes weekly trips to get boba. 


What do we practice?


Taolu: We practice both Northern and Southern-style Taolu, which are choreographed forms designed to mimic realistic combat situations, including incorporating short and long weapons.


Taiji: a form of moving meditation that focuses on harnessing internal energy and breathing techniques to promote health and mobility. 


Sanda: a form of sparring centered around scoring points by making contact with the torso and limbs of the opponent. 


Jeet Kune Do: Bruce Lee’s original style of self-defense techniques, with the evasion of attacks and the transfer of energy as the main focus.


 All other styles are welcome!

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